Seventy Eight Motor Company. Brighton

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The 78 Motor Co was born out of a passion for all things mechanical and cool, creating limited edition lines from motorcycles, bicycles to art and apparel. 78 Motor Co collaborate with local designers, engineers and artists to build, create, stitch and sew for the retrospective collective. At 78 Motor Co we celebrate all that is polished and painted; if it has an engine it’s here and if it doesn’t we love it anyway.

From the bicycles that gave birth to the motorcycle or the once humble motorcar changing the world; we are here to celebrate the men and machines that made it all possible. 78 Motor Co love the retro street scene and our upcoming product range is a testament to that love so stay tuned and tag along for the ride.

Based in Brighton, England.

  • Date: 11/11/2013
  • Client: Seventy Eight Motor co
  • Filed under: Advertising, Branding, Print, Products
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